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From THB 60,000 (US$ 2,000).

What are dental implants and when is it needed?

Dental implants is a permanent, fixed and reliable solution for your teeth replacement. They are designed to look and feel just like natural teeth.

Our clinics offer several solutions for your particular teeth replacement needs:

  • Single Tooth: Missing a single tooth? One dental implant and a crown can replace it.
  • Multiple Teeth: This can be replaced with either several single implants and crowns, or implant-supported bridges.
  • All Teeth: An implant-supported full jaw fixed bridge or full denture can replace them.


dental implants


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Treatment Procedure for Dental Implants Thailand

Whole dental implant process depends on your condition and choice of tooth replacement. Traditional methods require 2 surgeries with 3 to 6 months between each treatment.


Visit 1 – Examination & X-Rays

On your first visit your dentist will perform an examination of your mouth, gums, teeth and jaws to advise the most suitable dental implant treatment for you. It’s important that the bone quality is strong enough to hold and support the implant.

Visit 2 – Installing the Dental Implant

Under local anesthetic the tooth implant will be inserted in the jawbone, and a healing screw to cover it while it heals. You can expect to be able to work the day after, but we need to allow approximately 3-6 months for the implant to bond with the bond.

Visit 3 – Impression and Final Aesthetics

After months of healing and confirmed successful implant bonding, the implant will be uncovered and final crown will be fitted over the implant.


Before & After Dental Implants Thailand



New Concept Implants

Historically, implants have been associated with a time consuming surgical procedure. Today modern dentistry allow you to leave Thailand with whole permanent fixed teeth in only 5-7 days!

  • All on 4 Dental Implants
  • Immediate Dental Implants


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