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So that you can feel safe and secure on getting the best dental quality treatment.

We are very selective in the clinics we choose to work with.

  • All of our clinics are ISO Certified
  • Internationally known for leading standard and experienced specialists
  • Good guarantees

TreatmentsOur Guarantee
Dental Crown2 years
Dental Bridges2 years
Porcelain Veneers2 years
Fillings2 years
Dentures3 years
Dental Implants5 years

This guarantee covers your dental work, including the cost of any necessary materials. Your responsibility is that you must keep the prescribed regular recall appointments (minimum 6 months) for routine professional exam, x-rays and cleaning at our dental offices or your local dental office.


The guarantee does not apply for the following:

  • If our instructions above are not followed properly or if oral hygiene is neglected. 
  • If you fail to present for an annual follow-up examination.
  • If you have gum or periodontal disease for which we have not provided the gum treatment.
  • If an illness, which has an unfavorable effect on the mouth, is present (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, after-condition excessive radiotherapy or chemotherapy)
  • Injured caused by accidents, sports or any third party.
  • If the denture, tooth, crown, implant is not used properly.
  • Unforeseen root canal treatment.
  • Refund is not part of what we guarantee. To invoke the guarantee you must contact our clinics immediately and before taking any other action. We do not reimburse overseas dental expenses made by other dentists back home post-treatment nor do we reimburse travel and accommodation expenses for traveling back for our warranty claims.
  • Any damage directly to tobacco or substance abuse.

Please note that this guarantee does not cover the cost of travel, accommodation nor any consequential losses that may be incurred.

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