with Thai Smile Dental Holidays


We would like to welcome you to the Kingdom of Thailand, the “Land of Smiles.”

Whether you prefer tropical islands and pristine beaches, exotic jungles or exciting city life. Thailand has it all. Here is beautiful nature, combined with fascinating history and unique culture. Thailand is your perfect dental holiday paradise.



Thailand has in recent years become a #1 holiday destination – and that of many good reasons. Nice and tropical climate all year round, comfortable price level, hospitable and smiling locals. Here you can pamper yourself away with relaxing beach massage, exotic food, shopping and excursions to the country known and unknown gems.


Why visit the dentist while in Thailand?

To get the best quality dental treatment and service, while saving up to 70%!

Examples on how much you can save with Thailand dental holidays :

  • Porcelain Crown:  AU $1,500 | In Thailand  $500  –  SAVE $1,000 (67%)
  • Root Canal Treatment:   AU $800  | In Thailand  $233  –  SAVE $567  (71%)
  • Implant with Crown: AU $6,000  |  In Thailand  $1,833  – SAVE $ 4,167 (70%)


How to get started?

Simple! The whole process is done in 4 easy steps:

  1. Send us an enquiry – click here
  2. Receive your quote and treatment plan, designed by our dental specialist
  3. Book your trip and schedule your appointment
  4. Welcome to Thailand

Do you have any questions? 

Just drop us a message here or email info@thaismiledentalholidays.com.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!